Research Interests

As an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in the Department of Biostatistics and an affiliated member of the Data Science Institute at Columbia University, Dr. Wenpin Hou is dedicated to advancing statistical machine learning methods. Her research focuses on:

  • Single-cell genomics, epigenomics, and spatial transcriptomics.
  • Mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks.
  • Application of Generative Pre-trained Transformer models in genomics.

Awards and Recognition


Dr. Hou collaborates across diverse fields, including cancer, immunology, infectious diseases, and more. She is part of the ENCODE4 consortium and is contributing to single-cell analysis.

Education and Training

Dr. Hou earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of Hong Kong, where she was a recipient of University Postgraduate Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarship. Before joining Columbia, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Computer Science mentored by Drs. Aravinda Chakravarti and Suchi Saria, and Department of Biostatistics, mentored by Drs. Stephanie Hicks, Hongkai Ji, Andy Feinberg, focusing on developing computational methods for inferring single-cell DNA methylation and its spatial landscape.

For Prospective Students

She is currently seeking students and postdoctoral fellows eager to contribute to innovative research projects on genomics. For inquiries or to apply, please feel free to contact her or mention her name in your application.

Lab page at Columbia University

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